Wittman Farms

kids, crops & cattle

Mission & Values

As stewards of this farm, our mission is to produce high quality grain, livestock and timber and recreational opportunities for U.S. and foreign customers in a manner that will ensure:

  • a fair rate of return on invested resources to our owners
  • a safe and fulfilling environment to work and live in, and
  • a farm capable of producing sustained income for future generations.

As a team, we value:

  • undertaking our efforts with excellence and teamwork
  • recognizing our employees with professional treatment and competitive compensation
  • pursuit of new technologies and strategies to improve our efficiency and profitability
  • safety, conservation and stewardship that make our farm safe and a fun place to work
  • operating under a planned approach as opposed to a day-to-day reactive approach
  • clear division of responsibility with mutual respect and support for each other’s roles
  • making decisions based on sound business practices that are considered standard in other similar and successful businesses
  • documented operating and personnel policies to guide decisions and communications
  • maintaining a balance between profit and quality of life. We encourage our owners and employees to pursue recreation, church, community service and other activities
  • open and honest communication among employees, landlords and owners
  • maintenance of good records and sharing those records openly with all key principals.

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