Wittman Farms

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Access Permits

Wittman Farms is continuing to offer access permits to hunt Fall Deer on a limited basis.  If you are interested in bear or turkey permits, please contact us directly.

Fall Deer permits are available for $150 per person (per one tag filled).  If you are purchasing additional deer tags, an additional permit is required.

For 2020, dates for Fall Deer will be October 10th to November 25th.  Deer hunting will close on November 25th in order to allow family and employees a week of hunting during the holiday season. This allows patrons most of the season to hunt and the better part of the rut to hopefully bag the “big” one! Please keep in mind that permits issued are only valid during regular hunting seasons.

To acquire an access permit, please complete the form embedded below and send proper fee(s) to the following address: Wittman Farms 19658 Webb Road Lapwai, ID 83540

Checks may be made payable to Wittman Farms.

Please note: Permits issued on an annual basis are limited in order to ensure a quality experience for hunting guests as well as a sustainable wildlife population. We will cease issuing permits once we reach the targeted number of users.

Thank you for your interest in hunting on Wittman Farms property!

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