Wittman Farms

kids, crops & cattle

Conditions of Use

Camp Wittman operates under a shared-use lease agreement between the Boys and Girls Club and Wittman Farms and serves three groups of customer audiences: Boys and Girls Club youth programs, schools and other education/youth development organizations, natural resource industry groups and Wittman family events.

Boys and Girls Club youth programs

  • Examples: Summer youth camps, at-risk teens/team camps, staff training programs, Club board and staff meetings, ropes course training
  • Curriculum and activities must be within the approved scope of the camp’s mission and vision
  • Primary contact person for scheduling and administering camp activity rests with the Boys and Girls Club Camp Director

Schools and other education or youth development organizations

  • Examples: Broad mix of public and private school classes conducting outdoor, environmental, natural resource education classes. May also include high school officer teams conducting team building or leadership development.
  • Users sign a User Agreement, including insurance certificate required to protect the farm and the nature of support required.
  • User fees cover normal consumable supplies (i.e. propane, paper, firewood, and disposable supplies), pre-event staff preparation and post-event maintenance. User fees are set at nominal levels and users are expected to leave camp in a clean and “next-use-ready” condition after each event.
  • Users plan own programs and provide own funding, support teams and onsite supervision. Curriculum and activities must be within the approved scope of the camp’s mission and vision.
  • Primary contact for handling fee arrangements, administering User Agreements, and ensuring that users are familiar with the camp’s Standard Operating Procedures is the Boys and Girls Club Camp Director.

Natural resource industry groups, business retreats and Wittman family events

  • Examples: Family and industry events have included a diversity of activities such as tours, campouts, workshops, business strategic planning retreats, BBQs, receptions and hootenannies. Events are generally day events, with occasional overnight usage.
  • Goal is to showcase the community’s collaborative effort of youth organizations, agriculture, forestry, wildlife and conservation groups working to provide a multiple resource, systems-based facility for youth development and education. An ongoing purpose of serving these users is to showcase a camp program model that can be duplicated in other communities and also garner financial support for future programming needs.
  • Users provide their own resources for camp setup, operations and closure/clean-up.
  • User fees or User Agreements are not generally required, but users are encouraged to donate to the Camp Wittman Education Endowment Fund.

Efforts are made to ensure a balance in use available to the above-mentioned audiences. The Boys and Girls Club receives first priority for its traditional programs such as the summer youth camps, team camps, and training retreats. Schools who have used the camp in the past will continue to have a first priority for future school camps. Ample space exists in the season of use for industry and family events working around annually recurring dates scheduled by the first two audiences. Users are encouraged to plan and communicate requests well in advance with the camp administrators for schedule revisions or cancellations, as the demand for camp approaches capacity.

For inquiries or interest in utilizing Camp facilities for school or youth events, please contact the Valley Boys and Girls Club at (208) 746-2301.

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