Wittman Farms

kids, crops & cattle


CW Facilites Collage

  • Natural Resource and Outdoor Education Center (The Lodge): Built in 1997 with contributed funds and labor from a variety of local, state and government sources, the log-style lodge provides protection from the elements and a variety of hands-on learning materials for environmental and wildlife education.
  • Sleeping Quarters: Two permanent 10-12 person dormitories provide sleeping quarters for campers. The dorms are often supplemented by two large teepees, originally assembled each spring by members of the Nez Perce tribe and taken down each fall. The camp also has a retrofitted “private cabin” commonly referred to as the “Cook’s Corner.”
  • Shower House and Bathrooms: A basic wood shower house with a French drain and propane-heated water heaters provides a rustic showering option in the camp environment. Permanent outhouse-style bathrooms are provided, including the “Cadillac bathroom” with cedar-lined walls.
  • Fire Pit: A gazebo/amphitheater over the fire pit provides an ideal location for formal presentations and discussions, fireside chats, skits, hootenannies and fellowship.
  • Ropes Course: Low-style ropes challenge course, including cable-walks, trust fall platform, spider web, balance beam logs and climbing wall, provides team-building and leadership development training opportunities. The course was constructed in 1995 with funds from an Environmental Education grant.
  • Archery Range and Horseshoe Pits: A covered shooting area, stuffed targets, and compound bows and arrows provide a popular recreational activity for youth (and adults!). The horseshoe pits provide down-time fun for all ages.
  • Soil Pit: A six-foot deep professionally designed soils pit exposes six clearly identifiable geologic soil layers displaying geologic events including volcanoes, fires, droughts, etc. Provided through contributions from Natural Resource Conservation Service, it has an accompanying Teacher Training kit.
  • Kitchen, Covered Grill and Eating Area: a retrofitted Wittman farm building with added roof cover in 1991 doubles as area for cooking/eating and arts & crafts. This was also the first area with rain protection for campers in the early years of the camp, prior to construction of the log lodge.
  • Solar System: The camp is powered by a 12-volt solar collector and 110-Volt inverter furnished by Clearwater Power. Powers audio-visuals, water system replenishment, and on-site construction.
  • Water Reservoir: A 2,000 gallon cement reservoir was installed near the camp to remedy water supply and pressure needs that couldn’t be provided from pumping water from the spring “on demand.”

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