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Camp Wittman

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History and Overview

Camp Wittman was established in 1986 as a facility to serve youth and resource educators. The camp has hosted up to 700 students, teachers, natural resource industry professionals and other guests on an annual basis.

Camp Wittman was developed through partnering efforts of the Valley Boys and Girls Club, Wittman Farms, and contributions of time, labor and resources from a variety of area volunteers.

The camp underscores the Boys and Girls Club’s core philosophy emphasizing partnerships, and is an extension of the Wittman Farms commitment to education, conservation and environmental stewardship. It also boasts a diverse and ever-growing group of enthusiastic investors – from local volunteer contractors and philanthropists to youth volunteer workers – in what is considered now a “community-owned” resource.

Over the years, Camp programming has expanded beyond Boys and Girls Club camps and activities to serve increasingly broad audiences ranging from forestry, wildlife, youth development, Head Start, public school environmental education curriculums, and much more. Local businesses have also increasingly utilized the camp as a quality experience for business strategic planning and retreats.

In 2021, the Camp transitioned to an independently operated non-profit organization named the Camp Wittman Outdoor Center in order to serve the expanding stakeholders that can benefit from camp usage. The Camp Wittman Outdoor Center maintains the primary mission to facilitate quality outdoor experiences for youth, and will continue to prioritize usage by schools and youth development organizations to that end.

CW Logo

For inquiries or if you are interested in utilizing the Camp facility, please visit campwittman.com.

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