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Camp Wittman

Camp - Birdseye ViewHistory and Overview

Camp Wittman was established in 1986 as a facility to serve youth and resource educators. The camp hosts 600-700 students, teachers, natural resource industry professionals and other guests on an annual basis.

Camp Wittman was developed through partnering efforts of the Valley Boys and Girls Club, Wittman Farms, and contributions of time, labor and resources from a variety of area volunteers.

The camp underscores the Boys and Girls Club’s core philosophy emphasizing partnerships, and is an extension of the Wittman Farms commitment to education, conservation and environmental stewardship. It also boasts a diverse and ever-growing group of enthusiastic investors – from local volunteer contractors and philanthropists to youth volunteer workers – in what is considered now a “community-owned” resource.

In addition to serving the Boys and Girls Club’s programs, the camp was designed to be available for environmental education programs for area schools and others interested in promoting natural resource education and advocacy. When the camp is not being used for either of these audiences, the Wittman Family reserved rights to use the camp for family and natural resource advocacy programs.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a camp site in a timbered mountain pasture setting for youth and outdoor educators that will (1) give youth and educators a fun and educational outdoor camping experience, with special consideration to meeting the needs of economically and socially disadvantaged youth, (2) promote an understanding about balanced use, stewardship and inter-relationships of our natural resources, and (3) provide a support system and reinforcement to effective classroom education addressing our vast natural resources.

Our Vision. We will be successful when camp users:

  • Gain a real-life exposure to how agricultural, timber and wildlife professionals pursue their vocations to enhance our quality of life and also follow sound stewardship practices.
  • Experience team-building and personal development through games, hikes, hay rides, and campfire singing that will help them to be responsible citizens.
  • Learn about the renewability of natural resources. This will help them to appreciate how we can live off the land forever if we manage and consume our resources responsibly.
  • Identify the impacts of pollution and the importance of taking preventive measures to avoid polluting our resources.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of how natural resources impact jobs, food, homes, and general economic growth.
  • Learn about ecosystems and gain an appreciation of the importance of taking a “multiple use” or “systems” approach to managing our natural resources.

CW LogoCamp Wittman Fund

By partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of the Lewis Clark Valley and the Camp Wittman Fund, you will be helping provide quality outdoor education experiences for area youth.  For more information on how to give, please view the  Camp Tri-fold Flyer.


For inquiries or if you are interested in utilizing the Camp facility, please view the Conditions of Use and contact the Valley Boys and Girls Club at (208) 746-2301.

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